SGI Biogas - CO2, Removal PSA process

The Process for Biogas Upgrading:

The SGI-PSA process for upgrading of raw biogas to bio natural gas quality applies a Vacuum regenerated Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.
CO2, higher CxHy,H2S, odours and other undesired components will be simultaneously removed by activated carbon and carbon molecular sieves.
A methane purity of >96%Vol as well as methane recoveries of 98% can be achieved. The SGI – PSA CO2 removal plants are providing low-cost bio natural gas with a reliable, flexible and trouble free process. SGI – PSA systems and machinery components for feed gas compression and vacuum generation are successfully employed for the bulk removal of CO2 from various raw gases. The useful capacities range from serveral 100 Nm3/h bio natural gas product up to serveral 1000 Nm3/h.