1 Vacuum Pump Sets

2 Service / Maintenance

3 Planning & Design

4 Biogas

5 Steel Degassing

6 Gas Recycling

7 Gas Compressors

8 PVSA Oxygen Generators

9 Thermal Vacuum Chambers

10 Office / Contact

SGI Prozesstechnik is a company founded in 1987. The major working area of SGI is at present in the fi eld of vacuum, UHV vacuum and gas technology. The current orders placed with SGI Prozesstechnik are, for the mostly, package purchase orders including engineering delivery, assembly and commissioning. For handling these orders, SGI Prozesstechnik has a qualifi ed team at its disposal that can look back on many years of experience in design installation and commissioning of vacuum technology systems.

The team consists of experts from various specialized fi elds such as:

  • Vacuum processing technology and project engineering
  • Electro, as well as measurement and control design
  • Assembly and commissioning
  • Service and maintenance
  • Mechanical design
  • Administration

The SGI office and workshops building in Altenstadt has 924 m2 mounting area including cranes on a 20 m crane bridge a with 6,5 m lifting height in order to get space for assembly of SGI produkts up to 70 tons.